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Apabila Sebelumnya LobbyInfo sudah membahas tentang guide dan build para karakter, kali ini akan membahas tentang sistem pet pada ragnarok 2. Pet pada ragnarok 2 dapat membantu kamu untuk menyerang musuh, melakukan skill buff ataupun menonaktifkan skill buff yang sudah ada.

ragnarok 2 pet

Untuk mendapatkan pet kamu harus mengumpulkan DNA Fragment dari monster-monster tersebut kemudian digabungkan dengan DNA Binding Protein. setiap level dari pet kamu akan menambah kekuatan skill dari pet tersebut.

Berikut List pet yang ada Ragnarok 2 :

Monster Name Grade Ability lvl 1 Location
Andanora * 4% Agi Debuff, AoE East Mt.Mjolnir
Boa * Poison DoT Payon Forest, Divided Plain
Brownie * 4% Str Debuff, AoE East Mt.Mjolnir, Verta Delta
Carlos * Single target attack Maple Forest
Chonchon * AoE Electric Shock, Speed -30% + DoT East Mt.Mjolnir
Cokatrice * Single Target Attack Maple Forest, Sogratt Desert
Coraltus * -2% Hit Rate Debuff Verta Delta
Cornutus * 1% SP increase Izlude Hill
Country Mouse * -4% INT debuff Maple Forest
Crabit * -4% INT debuff Payon Forest
Creamy * -2% Hit Rate Debuff East Mt.Mjolnir
Cyaton * 2% WIS buff Verta Delta
Desert Fugu * 1% Dodge Buff (Flat Increase Road of Bless
Desert Mole * -2% DEF debuff Sogratt Desert
Desert Wolf * 4% INT Debuff Sogratt Desert
Fabre * 2% Defense Debuff, AoE West & East Mt.Mjolnir
Familiar * Single target attack Culvert, Wolves Cave
Feartus * -4% STR debuff Verta Delta
Fennec * 4% WIS Debuff Sogratt Desert
Flip * 4% WIS Debuff, AoE West & East Mt.Mjolnir, South Plain
Flower Deer * -2% Dodge Rate Divided Plain
Francoou * Single target attack Verta Delta
Gold Creamy * 10% slow (no damage) Road of Bless
Hazel * 4% Vit Debuff Road of Bless
Hornet * 2% Dodge Debuff East Mt.Mjolnir, Izlude, Maple Forest
Horong * 2% Vit Buff Payon Forest, Payon Dungeon
Hydra * 1% Parry Rate Izlude Cave
Leafcat * Poison DoT, 30% Slow debuff Divided Plain
Lunatic * 4% VIT Debuff West Mt.Mjolnir, Sogratt Desert
Manderu * 1% HP Buff AoE Verta Delta
Mandragora * -50% movement speed, -0.01% atk/matk/def debuff, AoE Maple Forest, Verta Delta
Mantis * Single target attack Maple Forest
Marinesphere * Debuff -2% dodge Sea God Temple
Mau * -2% ATK/MATK AoE Debuff Payon Dungeon
Mimic * Bleed DoT Ghost Ship
Pearltus * -2% ATK/MATK debuff Verta Delta
Peco Peco * AoE Bleed South Plain
Pereiz * -2% DEF debuff Divided Plain
Phen * Debuff -2% ATK/MATK Izlude Cave, Ghost Ship
Poring * Single Target Attack, 1.5x Damage West Mt.Mjolnir
Potemkin * 2% WIS buff Divided Plain
Rabong * Debuff -2% DEF rate South Plain
Rabstang * Verta Delta
Rackuf * 4% agi debuff South Plain, Wolf's Cave, Maple Forest
Ramos * 1% DEF buff South Plain, Verta Delta
Rocker * 4% STR Debuff, AoE East Mt.Mjolnir, Izlude, Sogratt Desert
Rodafrog * 2% dodge debuff South Plain
Sand Spider * 1% Hit Buff Sogratt Desert, Wolf Cave
Sandistar * -2% DEF debuff Izlude
Savage * 1% HP buff Divided Plain
Savage Bebe * Single Target Attack Divided Plain
Spore * 5% Speed buff Izlude, Payon Forest, Payon Dungeon
Swordfish * Passive Sea God Temple
Tarou * -4% INT debuff Culvert
Thiefbug * Passive East Mt.Mjolnir, Culvert
Tiger * -4% STR Debuff Payon Forest
Toad * -4% INT Debuff South Plain
Wormtail * -4% WIS debuff South Plain
Afanc ** 20% movement debuff South Plain
Andre ** Abbadon of Despair
Apostle Ironwall ** Fortress of Sandarman
Archer Skeleton ** Single target damae Ghost Ship
Argiope ** Hell of Deadly Poison
Baphomet Junior ** Garden of Baphomet
Bigfoot ** 4% HP Buff Payon Forest
Bomberring ** -4% ATK/MATK debuff Ghost Ship
Dark Assassin ** Sandstorm Fortress
Dark Priest ** 4% Dodge debuff, AoE East Mt.Mjolnir
Deadly Poison ** Abbadon of Despair
Deadly Poison Bug ** Abbadon of Despair
Desert Goblin ** 2% Crit Buff Road of Bless
Deviruchi ** Garden of Baphomet
Executer Attacker ** Fortress of Sandarman
Executer Magician ** Fortress of Sandarman
Faithful ** Abandoned Lab
Flying Thiefbug ** Culvert
Fraud Thiefbug ** Culvert
Furseal ** 8% AoE INT Debuff Verta Delta
Goblin ** -8% INT debuff Maple Forest, Abandoned Lab
Golden Bat ** Culvert of Abyss
Gremlin ** 50% Movement speed decrease, -0.01% ATK/MATK/DEF Debuff Maple Forest
Grooming Thief ** -8% STR Debuff Sogratt Desert
Hellbug Warrior ** AoE Bleed Divided Plain
Hellbug Worker ** Divided Plain
Imp ** Payon Forest, Vanaheim
Kepri ** Abbadon of Despair
Megalodon ** Culvert of Abyss
Nintetale ** 8% STR Debuff, Single Target Attack Payon Forest, Payon Dungeon
Pagan ** 8% Int Debuff, AoE East Mt.Mjolnir
Poporing ** Poison South Plain
Researcher ** Single Target Attack Maple Forest, Abandoned Lab
Scratch Thief ** 4% Defense Debuff, AoE Road of Blessing
Shellob ** Garden of Baphomet
Skeleton ** 4% AGI buff Ghost Ship, Fortress of Sandstorm
Snailer ** -8% WIS debuff Divided Plain, Hell of Deadly Poison
Strouf ** -8% VIT Debuff Sea God Temple
Tale ** -4% ATK/MATK Debuff Payon Forest
Vadon ** Izlude Cave
Vadon Family ** Single Target physical attack Izlude Cave
Wildrose ** Single Target physical attack Izlude
Zealot ** 4% Defense Debuff, AoE East Mt.Mjolnir
Abrahim *** Sandstorm Fortress
Ancient Worm *** Abbadon of Despair
Apostle Searcheye *** Fortress of Sandarman
Canon Lady *** -12% VIT debuff Ghost Ship
Cat Lady *** Fortress of Sandarman
Demian *** Road of Bless
Earth Worm *** Abbadon of Despair
Executer Shadow *** Fortress of Sandarman
Executer Undead *** Inflicts Fall for 1s every 5s Fortress of Sandarman
Gang Mau *** Culvert of Abyss
Garbong *** AoE Ignition Road of Blessing
Golden Thiefbug *** -30% Movement Speed AoE Debuff Culvert
Guri *** Culvert of Abyss
Hazard *** Sandstorm Fortress
JYH *** Sandstorm Fortress
Kelberop *** Fortress of Sandarman
Keobi *** Culvert of Abyss
Kobugi *** Culvert of Abyss
Kuroring *** -6% HIT debuff Culvert of Abyss
Mermaid *** -40% Movement Speed decrease + DoT, AoE Izlude Hill, Sea God Temple
Mustafa *** Sandstorm Fortress
Nukaruka *** -12% STR Debuff Sea God Temple
Obeaune *** AoE Bleed Sea God Temple
Pixie *** AoE 3% Magic Attack buff Maple Forest, Sogratt Desert
Rocklem *** Fortress of Sandstorm, Fortress of Sandarman
Scorpion *** -6% ATK/MATK Debuff, AoE Road of Bless, Hell of Deadly Poison
Sohee *** AoE Poison Payon Forest, Secret Forest Tomb
Taurin *** Fortress of Sandarman, Sogratt Desert
Vanuatu *** Sea God Temple
Venomer *** Hell of Deadly Poison
Wanderer Eater *** -12% STR Debuff Road of Bless
Wolf Guy *** Fortress of Sandarman
Assassin Elder **** Heal over time (HoT) Sandstorm Fortress
Dostoev **** Fortresss of Sandarman
Drake **** 8% STR Buff Ghost Ship
Embus of Ruin **** 10s AoE Freeze every 5s (Also works on bosses) PVE Arena, Ghost Ship
Eremes **** 3s AoE Stun every 5s (Also works on bosses) Sandstorm Fortress
Executer Meister **** Fortress of Sandarman
Gedenhard **** Abandoned Lab
Golden Robberbug **** AoE Buff +4% Def (Flat Increase), moves from initial spawn West Mt.Mjolnir, Culvert of Abyss
Hodremlin **** AoE Buff +4% Def (Flat Increase), does NOT move from initial spawn Maple Forest
Kiel MK-III **** Debuff  -8% Def Fortress of Sandarman, Cave of Riddles
Lapparman **** Ghost Ship
Leviathan **** 10% title stat buff Sea God Temple
Lucille **** 4% Crit Rate buff Fortress of Sandstorm
Lurker Fly **** Debuff -16% STR West Mt.Mjolnir
Merem **** 10% more XP gained Divided Plain
Moonlight Flower **** Hits for AoE 70% base Payon Forest, Payon Dungeon
Sandial Queen **** 40% Slow Debuff Sogratt Desert
Sehee **** 10% more XP gained Payon Dungeon
Solomian **** Fortress of Sandarman
Stainer **** Dive Bomb 70% ATK Power Verta Delta
Turtle Assassin **** Culvert of Abyss
Ungoliant **** 8% INT Buff Hell of Deadly Poison
Vador **** Wide AoE 70% ATK/MATK every 5s Izlude
Virus **** 4% ATK buff Payon Forest
Willow Worker **** Casts Land of Recovery Sogratt Desert
Zadorak **** 10% Job EXP Maple Forest
Aromine ***** Culvert of Abyss
Baphomet ***** Garden of Baphomet
Barbaro ***** Abbadon of Despair
Entraion ***** PvE Arena
Gearbaz ***** -10% AGI/HIT Debuff PvE Arena
Giant Driller ***** PvE Arena
Giant Worm ***** Abbadon of Despair
Humbaba ***** Garden of Baphomet
Lamort ***** Abbadon of Despair
Maya ***** Abbadon of Despair
Maya Purple ***** AoE Bleed DoT, 40% Slow Hell of Deadly Poison
Mechanical Vadon ***** PvE Arena
Mini Mongi ***** Culvert of Abyss
Minotaur Chung-I ***** Garden of Baphomet
Minotaur Hong-I ***** Garden of Baphomet
Pertus ***** PvE Arena
Rat Master Cramp ***** Culvert of Abyss
Rock Star Hero ***** Culvert of Abyss
RSX-0807 ***** Road of Bless
Xeno Spider ***** PvE Arena


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